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About Christina

California girl born and raised!  Born March 25th, Christina lives up to her fire sign, Aries. Her determination and hard work sets her apart from others.  She has been modeling since she was 14, but was always focused on her education.  Graduating high school with high honors, she continued on to California Polytechnic, San Luis Obispo.  She obtained a bachelors degree in Clinical Nutrition and minored in Psychology.  All through school, Christina worked in various fields including that of modeling.  She decided shortly after becoming a Clinical Nutritionist, that she wanted to move to LA and take on modeling full-time.  Since then, Christina's career in modeling has flourished.  She has done many jobs in the entertainment field including: print campaigns, editorials, spokesmodel work, commercials, music videos, featured extra roles in films, and much more.  Her clients have included Maxim of Australia, FHM, Shirley of Hollywood, Honda, Harley Davidson, Lifetime, Discovery Channel, and more. Her jobs and passion for travel have taken her internationally around the world.  She wants to combine her passion for travel and quest for new adventures, to host her own channel and lifestyle blog. The opportunities are endless and she's out to seek the most exciting and greatest ones.   Subscribe to her VIP Club and her YouTube for her latest adventures!

About Me: Bio
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